We are committed to inner transformation and the development of consciousness as a path to peace, to truth, to inner ecology, and to a reconciliation within ourselves that can be transformed into a collective and social transformation. 


ONCA is a non-profit incorporated in Colombia and designed for international outreach. We have four sites in different places around the mayor communities which we have relationships with: in Wirikuta, the peyote desert around the Wixarica community; in Sucumbios, the Amazonian region of Ecuador,  around the A’i Cofan community; in Micodi, Gabon, around a pygmea bwiti community; and in Chocó, Colombia, around the Emberá Katío community. Within these sites, ONCA carries out pilgrimages and social projects; connecting with these communities and their mystical traditions and wisdom. 



Taita Querubin Queta

Cacique and spiritual head of the A'i-Cofan; governor of Ukumari Kankhe, Colombia

Nkogue Madeleine

Mabanji Nganga, healer, and herbalist. Bwiti leader of feminine initiations in Gabon.

Marakame Haimuwie Carrillo

Member of the wixaritari-huichol council of elders; former governor of San Andres Cohamiata, Mexico

Mayombo Mouckambi

President of the bureau of traditional medicine for the Ngounie. Missoko Nganga, Bwiti leader.

Tntn Lucitante

Spiritual and social leader in the Dureno A'i -Cofan reservation of Ecuador


Mossouma Jeannete

Bwiti community leader

Lina Tibaduiza

Operations Officer

Lila Vega

Executive Director

Uma Diaz

Community Manager

Annick Toran

Yubarta Lead

Julian Molina

Psychedelic research manager

Jeannete Saavedra

Ketamine Research Lead

Alev Toran

Yubarta Lead

Jorge Llano

Therapy training

Catalina Correa

Ayahuasca and gender lead

David Queta

Cofan Community Leader

Gabriel Aguilar

Embera community leader

Carlos Moreno

Manuel Llano

Santiago Llano

Conflict Resolution project lead

Kuondi Ermine

Alejandra Soto

Gabon pilgrimage lead

Sherin Savier


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